Did You Know It Only Takes 90 Seconds to Change Your Life?

Do you struggle with anxiety or low confidence?  

Do you find it tough to manage your feelings of sadness, anger, disappointment and embarrassment?  

In 90 Seconds to a Life You Love, renowned psychologist, Dr. Joan Rosenberg helps you discover how to master your difficult feelings, build confidence, resilience and create more meaning in your life.  

All it takes is 90 seconds to change your life. 

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Praise for 90 Seconds To A Life You Love!

JJ Virgin

Jack Canfield

NY Times Best Selling Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles™: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

“Joan’s approach is simple, practical, and effective. It represents a significant breakthrough on the path to success. If you want unwavering confidence to pursue your goals and dreams, then this will guide you to it."

JJ Virgin

New York Times bestselling author of The Virgin Diet and JJ Virgin's Sugar Impact Diet

“As for so many others, Dr. Joan Rosenberg has been my lifeline…There is a special kind of hope that comes from finally understanding that fear is not your enemy. Until you experience it yourself, it’s hard to imagine what a difference 90 seconds can make."

Joan Borysenko

Ron Howard

Film Director, Producer, Actor

“Every once in a while, you meet someone capable of turning conventional wisdom on its head. Dr. Joan Rosenberg is both a brilliant clinician and compassionate presence. Her book inspires and invites people to be authentic, to become their best and most fully-expressed selves. It’s a game changer for anyone ready to take their life, relationship, and career to the next level.”

Joan Borysenko, PhD

Author of Minding the Body, Mending Mind

“A groundbreaking book built around a simple idea that will energize, transform, and uplevel your life.”

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What's Included In This Book?

5 Life-Changing Protocols:

  • The Rosenberg Reset™
  • Rosenberg Anxiety Reset™
  • The Doubter’s Reset
  • Resourcefulness Reset™
  • The Grief Reset Protocol™

15 Exercises & Tools:  

  • The Prime 17™: Signs You’re Not Speaking Your Truth
  • Awareness Exercise
  • Modulating Your Anger
  • Awareness Grid
  • Identifying-Distractions Exercise
  • Diminishing Distractions Exercise
  • Visualizing Decisions
  • Turning Up the Volume of Your Thoughts
  • Grief Signal Words
  • Morning Ritual
  • Evening Ritual
  • Coe Of High Values Grid™
  • End Your Harsh Self-Criticism
  • The Preemptive Bid™
  • Resilience Attitude, Intention, and Action Checklist  


14 Journal Prompts:

  • How Do You Want to Live Your Life
  • Where Is Your Focus?
  • Handling Emotional Pain
  • Lingering Feelings
  • List Possible Distracters
  • The Thoughts I Think
  • Bad Emotional Math
  • The Preemptive Bid
  • Disguised Grief and Grief Reset Protocol
  • Your Adventurous, Competitive, and Persevering Traits
  • Asking for Help
  • Compliments
  • Designing Your Life
  • Your Code of High Values

And More ...

  • How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think of You
  • Compliment Blocker Quiz (How to Accept Compliments Gracefully)
  • 6 Steps to Reclaim Your Personal Power
  • Confrontation Prep Checklist  

About the Author

Best-selling author, consultant, master clinician and media host, Dr. Joan Rosenberg is a cutting-edge psychologist who is known as an innovative thinker, acclaimed speaker and trainer. As a three-time TEDx speaker and member of the Association of Transformational Leaders, she has been recognized for her thought leadership and influence in personal development.  

Dr. Rosenberg has been featured in the documentaries “I Am”, “The Miracle Mindset”, “Pursuing Happiness” and “The Hidden Epidemic”. She’s been seen on CNN’s American Morning, the OWN network, and PBS, as well as appearances and radio interviews in all of the major metropolitan markets.  

A California-licensed psychologist, Dr. Rosenberg speaks on how to build confidence, emotional strength, resilience; achieving emotional, conversational and relationship mastery; integrating neuroscience and psychotherapy and suicide prevention. An Air Force veteran, she is a professor of graduate psychology at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, CA. Her latest book, 90 Seconds to a Life you Love: How to Master Your Difficult Feelings to Cultivate Lasting Confidence, Resilience and Authenticity is at most major retailers in stores and online.

Dr. Joan Rosenberg

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